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The walking trail "Fuente de la Bicha" in Granada, Spain is a place where people go for doing sports: walking, running, riding bicycles, etc. People in groups or alone, with their families and friends, young people, old people with walking sticks or children with their pets use to go on Sundays to take some fresh air and renew for the new week that is coming.

I used to go there, sit in a bench to take some fresh air, renew the oxygen of my disturbed brain, and one day I decided to make a recording of that sonorous landscape as a souvenir.

"Trekking" intends to transform that moment of my past that was captured in that recording into something impossible to exist.

Other soundscapes recordings made in the countryside of Galicia, Spain and a percussion quartet contributed to create this imaginary world and telling the story.

Trekking (2023) for percussion quartet and electronics was commissioned by the Sinquefield Commissions through the Mizzou New Music Initiative. It was premiered at the Sheryl Crow Hall at the University of Missouri, Columbia, U.S.A. on March 12th 2023 by the Mizzou Percussion Ensemble.

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