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The subtlety in the change of color in the sonority of the instrument is one of its most representative aspects of this work.

Through the repetition of the same gesture or idea, slight sonorous transformations are generated while discourse progresses: the natural transformation experienced by the use of the same string throughout its length, the difference between the various ways in which the same sound is produced, the result of repeating the same section twice, all these represent just some examples. In fact, these slight variations that may seem so simple, obvious and evident require a patient, alert and subtle perception where what seems the same is actually similar.

This work appeals to a fine and deep listening giving relevance to small things, to details and to the simple and subtle.

Total Color refers to a certain way of dressing: it is the name used when someone dresses in its entirety with clothes that are the same color, but are not exactly the same, just similar.

It was performed at the cycle of concerts performed by Ensemble Neo in 2020 en interpreted by cellist Bruno Bragato

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