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When the same material is repeated and developed in a continuous and prolonged way throughout the discourse, our perception can focus on diverse aspects and finds the possibility of exploring other sensitive planes. This way, the work seeks to question what happens the moment our wonder at certain sound stimulus comes to an end, or what happens when it ceases to be novel. In spite of the historical distance, we could associate this with Descartes’s ideas exhibited in his treatise Passions of the Soul where he expresses that the wonder is intricately related with the idea of surprise and novelty, and has the purpose of taking into account the objects we consider strange and extraordinary in order to preserve and retain them. He also states: “... when it is excessive, and causes us to arrest our attention solely on the first image of the objects which are presented, without acquiring any other knowledge of them, it leaves behind it a custom which disposes the soul in the same way to pause over all the other objects which present themselves, provided that they appear to it to be ever so little new. And this is what causes the continuance of the malady of those who suffer from a blind curiosity–that is, who seek out things that are rare solely to wonder at them, and not for the purpose of really knowing them” (Descartes, 1649).

Somehow, the work proposed seeks to delve deeply in what the discourse of sound can express as a whole, which not only includes what takes place in the work from a sound-plane perspective, but also attempts to stop and perceive what music triggers in a more sensitive plane.

Perception Game (2020) for Oboe and Bb Clarinet, composed within the framework of the composition course Fragua organized by Suono Mobile Argentina, was premiered on March 25th 2023 at ORT, Wuppertal, Germany by Eduardo Spinelli (Bb Cl.) and Christian Kemper (Ob.).

Photo by Horace Bravo

Photo by Jorge Peñaranda
Photo by Horace Bravo
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