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This brief piece for solo piano is structured in three distinct sections where a characteristic material of one section is kept on the next one, and so on. Thus, the work uses the repetition in a varied and developed way. The same materials are always used but are transformed.

The use of the register is very limited and gradually extends as the work progresses beginning in the high and ending in the low. 

The idea of this work serves as the need to generate a link with the audience. The restlessness of creating a music that reaches the listener´s emotions was its starting point. Through the use of repetition, consonances, memory and quickly understanding of compositional processes, the work attempts to generate a direct bond with the audience.

Mirar Afuera was performed at the concert cycle Experimentalia at Centro Cultural España Córdoba (Cultural Centre) by pianist Ana Belén Disandro in 2016 and at the concert cycle NMXLM (New Music for the Memory), organized by the Ministry of Culture of the State, at the Auditorium of CePIA (Centre of Artistic Production and Research) of the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Córdoba by pianist Andrea García in 2013, Córdoba, Argentina.

In 2018, the audio-visual director Patricia Gualpa made a video that expresses the inside-outside contraposition that attempts to capture the work.

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