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This work for solo contralto is structured in three movements, each of which highlights different compositional aspects. 

The first movement evokes the sung voice experimenting with the dark tone of the contralto. The second one, conceived as a micro-piece, uses a minimalist repetition that adds slight variations in development. The last one ventures into the timbral possibilities of the voice.

It seems as if each of the movements belonged to different historical times and styles: while the first evokes a past and distant time, the rest propose a minimalist style and a typical sonority of contemporary music from the seventies.

Dolores for solo contralto was selected at the call organized by vocal group Nonsense: Vocal Ensemble of Soloists in 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

It was performed at the cycle Voces Singulares by vocalist Evangelina Bidart in 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the cycle Música en cuerpo presente (show) in Centro Cultural España Córdoba (Cultural Centre), by vocalist Cecilia Leunda in 2017, Córdoba, Argentina.

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