Ribeira non Sacra for Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Guitar, and Cello has been composed for Collective Love Music Ensemble (France) within the framework of the Festival Días de Música Electroacústica (Days of Electroacustic Music Festival) celebrated in July of 2021 in Lisboa Incomum, Lisbon-Portugal.

The work seeks to reveal the natural atmosphere of the Ribeira Sacra, a place located in Ourense, Galicia-Spain where I was living for a year during the lockdown of the Covid Pandemia. Being surranded of nature can be a wonderful experience but also exhausting. Trees, rivers, mountains, ruins, trails, wild animals have an overwhelming energy. Nature sometimes absorbs you. The earth sometimes absorbs you. This work intends to represent the complex energy of Ribeira Sacra,  a place that hides in inaccessible valleys eighteen ruins of monasteries from the early Middle Age (between 8th and 12th centuries). The title Ribeira non Sacra aims to include a diversity of inexplicable powers cohabiting the place.