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Natatorio for violin, cello and electronics has been supervised by composer Hilda Paredes and has been composed for Taller Sonoro ensemble within the framework of the Musical Analisys and Composition Course of Manuel de Falla in Seville. It was performed in November 2019 as part of the Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz, Spain. and was finalist at the category “Compositions for chamber instrumental group or solo instrument” of the XIII° International composition competition Città di Udine - 2020. Natatorio was also interpreted by Kommas Ensemble in Cologne in 2021.
The work´s idea arises from the recording of swimming classes: forty minutes in which we can hear the sounds of water, people swimming, silence, noise of pipes, rails, voices, sneezes, coughs, etc. With all that material plus other sounds, I built the electronic part that aims at demonstrating a recognizable sonority of reality while expanding it into a wider imaginary world.
The instruments dialogue with the electronics taking, at times, a leading role. Keeping in an inharmonic and noise spectrum, the instrument´s sonority mixes with the sound of the water and the swimming pool.

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