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Y quizás inviertas muchísimo tiempo construyendo tu propia casa.

Y quizás arda en tan solo un momento.

Porque quizás fuiste tú quien encendió la mecha.

The structure of this string quartet is a four-voices choral made by harmonic sounds. This structure is filled with several little gestures that give internal movement to the primary structure. There are different categories of harmonic sounds: some of them are clear sounds; others more indeterminate, and someones are similar to white noise. The subtle changing of the color of these harmonic sonorities generates a rarefied atmosphere where appear some recognizable harmonies by moments. A group of little gestures is repeated and developed throughout the discourse. As a matchstick house, this work was made little by little using small materials that fill a bigger structure trying to develop the different states of those materials. 

Burning Matchstick House was commissioned by the Sheldon Arts Foundation through the Mizzou New Music Initiative and was premiered on May 11th 2022 at the Sheldon Hall, St. Louis, U.S.A. by the string quartet of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. 


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