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Photography: Matias Vercelli

María Laura Disandro is an Argentinian composer. She studied Musical Composition at the National University of Córdoba, in Argentina; the Master´s Degree in Musical Heritage imparted by the University of Granada, University of Oviedo and International University of Andalucía, in Granada, Spain; and now she is studying the Master in Music (Composition) in the University of Missouri, in Columbia, U.S.A.

She has participated in numerous courses, seminars, forums, festivals and workshops taking master classes with internationally renowned composers, such as Valerio Sanicandro, Jaime Reis, Hilda Paredes, Mark André, Michael Maierhof, Mathías Spahlinger, Juan Carlos Tolosa and Gabriel Valverde. He has worked with diverse ensembles such as Neo Ensemble, Trama Ensemble, Nonsense EVS and Suono Mobile from Argentina; Taller Sonoro Ensemble and Barcelona Modern Ensemble from Spain; Collective Love Music Ensemble from France; Kommas Ensemble from Germany, LF3 from México, and the String Quartet of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra from the U.S.

She has also made the sound design and musical composition for the dance work entitled Nido, nunca dejan de emigrar (2019, directed by C. Gómez Comini and C. Pino, Córdoba- Argentina), and the theater play La tiranía de los secretos (2017-2018, authorship of D. Gaitán and directed by C. Arguello Pitt, Córdoba- Argentina); the latter being nominated to best sound design (Prizes of the Theater of Córdoba, Argentina).



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